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Pechač Pavel, prof. Ing. Ph.D. Head of department 2252 637
Škvor Zbyněk, prof. Ing. CSc. vice head of department 2278 638
Zvánovec Stanislav, prof. Ing., Ph.D. vice head of department 5966 536
Veselý Otakar, Ing. secretary to head of department 2272 633
Šíchová Jana secretary 2280 636

The Department of Electromagnetic field is not, as it might seem from its name, just a place which deals only with theoretical disciplines. The name of the department is not only historical but is a trade mark by which we are well known not only by our collegues from academic and industrial circles in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The department has found its place in research and development as well as in applied science and education in the field of antenna technology, a new approach to problems of wave propagation for wireless systems, high frequency technology and optoelectronics. The general public and professionals are interested in interdisciplinary issues, namely medical applications of microwave technology and electromagnetic compatibility. Those who are interested in any form of cooperation and services in the stated fields can be acquainted with our activity in the presentation of individual research teams, domestic and international projects, on the web pages of the department members and in the lists of available laboratory technologies, applied methods, special laboratories and software. We are looking forward to your interest.

Prof. Ing. Miloš Mazánek, CSc.
head of department 1997-2014


Basic informations

Research focus

  • electromagnetic field – numerical methods for solution electromagnetic (EM) fields, research of interactions of EM fields with natural and artificial matters and living spicies for diagnostic and terapeutic purposes in medicine, for industrial applications, terahertz high-resolution spectroscopy – research of spectra and EM wave propagation in gases and matters
  • antenna technique – multiband, broadband and electrically small antennas, antennas for THz bands
  • electromagnetic wave propagation – implementation of EM propagation models for mobile communication technologies, propagation prediction in building areas by broadband outputs; interaction of EM waves with vegetation and hydrometeors;
  • microwave and milimeterwave technique – sensors and measurement methods for direct vector measurement of microwave quantities (impedance, reflection and transition coeficient), microwave phase interferometry – sensors and measurement methods for measurement nonelectric magnitudes (distance, movement, shape change, etc.);
  • optical communication – parameters of optical components; medical and industrial applications of microwave technics and EM field – interaction of electromagnetic field and living spicies;
  • electromagnetic compatibility – methodics and systems for EMI measurement and EM shielding