Laboratory of High-Frequency Technique

This lab is primarily used for education in the field of high-frequency technics, electromagnetic compatibility and fibre optics. According to the usage of this lab, it is equipped with an optical table for fibre optic measurements, EMC measurement equipment (near-field probes, EMI receiver R&S ESRP, line impedance stabilization network, ESD gun and transient signals generator) and vector signal generator R&S SMW200A (up to 13 GHz) and vector signal analyzer R&S FSW (up to 26 GHz) including the option for communication standards analyzing.

Laboratory of Free-Space and Fiber Optics

The free-space and fiber-optics lab is dedicated first to visible light and optical camera communication using LED. Second to microwave photonics and radio over fiber transmission systems and components. Third, to free-space optics, atmospheric effects, and turbulence analysis. And fourth, to specialty optical fibers, hollow-core fibers and interferometry.

Key equipment:

Supercontinuum source: NKT EXR-15, 400-2400 nm, 6 W
Fusion station: Fujikura LZM-100
Optical spectral analyzer: Yokogawa, 1200-2400 nm
FTIR: 2000-6000 nm

Visible light equipment:

Optical spectral analyzer: 400-1100 nm
Arbitrary waveform generator: LeCroy T3AWG3252
Oscilloscope: Infiniium S Series 1 GHz 4 channel

Microwave photonics:

Photodetectors: 10, 40 and 70 GHz 
Modulators: 10, 40 GHz (intensity and phase), 1550 and 2000 nm


EDFA: 10, 20, and 30 dBm
Splicer: Fitel S179
Cleaver: Fujikura Ct-100


Antenna Laboratory

This lab is constructed as a Full Anechoic Chamber (FAC) with special measurement equipment for performing basic antenna parameters measurements (input impedance, WSVR, radiation pattern, polarization, gain) and measurements of radiated emissions in the field of EMC testing.

Antenna parameters measurements:

Operational frequency range: 200 MHz – 40 GHz (up to 110 GHz using the frequency extenders)
Test ranges: 1 m – 4.5 m

EMC measurements:

Operational frequency range: 30 MHz – 3.3 GHz
Test ranges: 1 m – 3 m

Measurement equipment:

  •  Far-field Antenna Measurement System NSI 800F-30
  • Vector network analyzer Rohde & Schwarz ZVA40,
  • Test receiver Rohde & Schwarz ESRP
  • Anritsu Sitemaster S400A and S820
  • Broadband/narrowband antennas (200 MHz to 110 GHz)


Laboratory of Millimeter-wave and Microwave Technique

This lab offers to perform of scalar and vector measurements of both, passive and active microwave circuits parameters (S-parameters, Noise Figure and power) in the frequency band from 300 kHz up to 110 GHz by means of high-performance equipment, such as signal generators, vector network and spectrum analyzers, power meters, oscilloscopes, etc. The lab is designed primarily for scientific and educational purposes.

Operational frequency bandwidths:

Scalar measurement: 3 Hz – 40 GHz
Power measurement: 9 kHz – 50 GHz
Vector measurement: 300 kHz – 110 GHz

Measurement equipment:

  • Vector network analyzers Rohde & Schwarz ZVA67, Agilent PNA E8364A, HP 8970A, Agilent E4440A and Maury Microwave Automated Tuner MT983A01.
  • Millimetre-Wave converters Rohde&Schwarz ZVA-Z110
  • Spectrum analyzers, power meters, …

Open Area Test Site (OATS) for Antenna Measurements

This outdoor test site is placed on the roof of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and it is primarily designed for measurement of large antennas and antennas that meet far-field condition up to 60 m. The available fixed measuring range is 60 m and the frequency bandwidth for the antenna measurements is 200 MHz – 40 GHz.

The lab is used for scientific purposes as well as for commercial measurements.

Laboratory for Thermosonic Ball and Wedge Wire Bonding

The lab is equipped with the multipurpose digital thermosonic bonder – Hybond Model 626. It is a deep-access, long-reach bonder for a ball, wedge, bump, and peg bonding. It can be used for bonding both gold and aluminium wire and ribbon. In some applications, it is possible bonding with copper, silver, palladium-silver wire and up to 1.5 mil platinum wire.

EMC Laboratory

This lab is constructed as a Semi-Anechoic Chamber (SAC), which is primarily used for testing small electronic circuits in the field of EMC (interferences and susceptibility). The test range is 1 m.