Seminář – Albert Salmi: Optimization of Reactively Loaded Sparse Antenna Arrays

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Prezentující: Albert Salmi (Aalto Uni., Finland)
Téma: Optimization of Reactively Loaded Sparse Antenna Arrays

In modern wireless technologies the utilization of higher frequencies leads to sparsely populated antenna arrays due to the increased electrical size of integrated circuits. Sparse arrays pose the challenge of mitigating undesired grating lobes in the radiation pattern, necessitating innovative antenna design techniques. Our approach involves integrating reactive scatterers within the array to tailor the embedded element patterns. During the ongoing three-month research visit to Prague, we will focus on exploring optimization methods for determining optimal reactances for these scatterers. This seminar presentation will also offer an introduction to Aalto University’s Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering and highlight the latest research endeavors of our research group.

14. 11. 2023 od 13 hod
Učebna B2-621