Department of Electromagnetic Field is involved in many research projects. For more information, see individual research teams and full list of projects on CTU FEE website.

Selected projects

Tools for Synthesis of Antennas and Sensors & Virtual Prototyping and Validation of Electromagnetic Systems


EMRP Research Excelence Grant SIB62-REG1

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WiFEEB – Wireless Friendly Energy Efficient Buildings

  • Funded by: EU FP7 Marie Curie IAPP project No. 286333
  • Duration: 2012-2015, external website
  • Total amount: (cca 480 000 EUR for CTU)
  • Prime Contractor: University of Sheffield
  • Team of Pavel Pechač, Pavel Valtr (2012-2014), Tianyou Yu (2012-2014), Wengang Zhao (2013-2015), Ludek Subrt (2012-2014, in Sheffield)

Propagation Models for Interference and Frequency Coordination Analyses

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