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Viktor Adler
+420 2 2435 2275
adlervik (at)
  • 2018 - Ph.D., CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • 2012 - Ing. (M.Sc.), CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • 2010 - Bc. (B.Sc.), CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Field of interest: 
  • Design and measurements of active and passive microwave circuits
  • Microwave imaging and free space material characterization


  • A2B99KAM (Communication and Multimedia)
  • A2B99MAA (Mathematical Applications)
  • A4B17EAM (Electromagnetism)
  • A2B17VFM (Radiofrequency Measurement)
  • Cooperation on 'Virtual Prototyping and Validation of Electromagnetic Structures', project TAČR TH04010373
  • Cooperation on 'Advanced Testing of Automotive Radars' project MŠMT OPVVV, EF16_025/0007318.
  • Cooperation on AToM (Antenna Toolbox for Matlab) project TAČR TA04010457.
  • Cooperation of project 'Pokročilá aktivní ochrana', VVU Brno
  • Leading of RPAPS 2016 project focused on enhancement of lectures in microwave laboratories.
  • Cooperation on RPAPS 2015 project focused on enhancement of Matlab (A0B17MTB) lectures.


  • V. Adler and K. Hoffmann, "Design of a Scalar Free-Space Measurement System,", 2019 European Microwave Conference in Central Europe (EuMCE), Prague, Czech Republic, 2019, pp. 594-597.
  • M. Capek, P. Hazdra, V. Adler, P. Kadlec, V. Sedenka, M. Marek, M. Masek, V. Losenicky, M. Strambach, M. Mazanek, J. Rymus, "AToM: A versatile MATLAB tool for antenna synthesis," 12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2018), London, 2018, pp. 1-5.
  • P. Ourednik, V. Adler and P. Hudec, "TRL-based measurement of active antennas and other more complex microwave structures," 2017, 89th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference (ARFTG), Honololu, HI, 2017, pp. 1-4.
  • Adler, V.; Moll, J., Kuhnt, M., Hils, B., Krozer, V., Hoffmann, K., "High Resolution Imaging Via Model-based Compressed Sensing," in Proc. of PIERS 2015, Prague, CZ, 2015, pp.248-252
  • Adler, V.; Hoffmann, K., "Six-Port Spatial Electromagnetic Wave Measurement," Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on , vol.62, no.12, pp.3161-3171, Dec. 2014
  • V. Adler, and K. Hoffmann, "Spatial vector measurement based on six-port concept," in Proc. 81st ARFTG Microw. Meas. Conf., Seattle, WA, 2013, pp.1-3.
Other information: 


  • photography
  • electronics
  • music
  • astronomy