Wireless and Fiber Optics

The optical research team engages in fiber optics, optical sensing, fiber lasers, optical beam outdoor and indoor propagation with respect to atmospheric influence on free-space optic (FSO) links and last but not least in visible light communication (VLC). Currently, our scientific effort is focused on fundamental research as well as on cooperation with industry in the field of applied research.


Stanislav Zvánovec
Coordinates activities of the team in the fields of free-space optics, visible light communications, radio over optics and optical fiber systems and sensors.
Matěj Komanec
Leads the research and development in the field of specialty optical fibers. Focuses on efficient coupling into hollow-core fibers, photonic crystal fiber characterization, fiber tapering, fiber-optic sensors and fiber interconnection technology.
Jan Bohata
Focuses on microwave photonics and optical fiber and free space optics systems.
Petr Chvojka
Focuses on analyses and development of visible light communications (VLC), mainly on signal processing techniques.
Tomáš Němeček
Focuses on advanced fiber sensors for gas and liquid detection.
Petr Pešek
Deals with LTE transfer through optical infrastructures (both fiber and FSO/VLC).
Petr Dvořák
Focuses on measurement methods in optical systems and microwave radiometry.
Jan Šístek
Engages in fiber optics and microwave techniques.
Dong-Nhat Nguyen
Focuses on mitigation of transmission impairments in high bit-rate millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber and FSO systems for 5G networks.
Dmytro Suslov
Focuses on the supercontinuum generation in microstructured optical fibers.
Zahra Nazarichaleshtori
Is focused on visible light communications using organic LEDs (OLEDs).
Shivani Teli
Focuses on Visible Light Communication based Internet of Things.
Daniel Dousek
Focuses on hollow-core optical fibers, mode-field adapters and interferometers.


Other team members:

Othman Younus (artificial intelligence-based visible light and optical camera communications for indoor localizations -- Ph.D. student of Northumbria University, supervisor prof. Ghassemlooy, co-supervisor prof. Zvanovec).
Elizabeth Eso (multi-hop vehicular visible light communications -- Ph.D. student of Northumbria University, supervisor prof. Ghassemlooy, co-supervisor prof. Zvanovec).
Xicong Li (extending the effective VLC system bandwidth using equalizers - Ph.D. student of Northumbria University, supervisor prof. Ghassemlooy, co-supervisor prof. Zvanovec).
Jan Spáčil (supercontinuum generation in microstructured fibers, driving electronics).
Dr. Michael Písařík (new technological approaches and waveguide optics and with passive nonlinear optical components).
Dr. Martin Mudroch (system behavior simulation with the employment of neural networks and FPGA programming).
Dr. Norhanis Aida Mohd Nor (diversity techniques for free-space optical networks).
Dr. Navid Bani Hassan (car-to-car (C2C) communication using VLC).
Redwan Ahmad (microstructured optical fibers).
Michal Vidner (Radio over optics, development of fiber optics sensors).

Visiting researchers:

Nithin Mohan -- Northumbria University  2019
Luis Vallejo
-- Universitat Politecnica de Valencia  2019
Fatemeh Fataholmanan Najafabadi
-- Isfahan University of Technology 2019
Vicente Matus
-- Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  2019 + 2020
Pooria Tabeshmehr -- University of Tehran  2019
Andrew Burton
-- Northumbria University 2018
Oussama Haddad -- Ecole Centrale Marseille 2018 + 2019
Patricia Chavez-Burbano -- Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  2018
Hoa Le Minh -- Northumbria University  2018
Meng Ding -- Southampton University 2018
Richa Priyadarshani -- Indian Institute of Technology Delhi  2018
Paul Anthony Haigh -- University of Bristol  2014 + University College London  2018
Amalia Nallely Castro Martínez -- Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México  2015
Hassan K. Bakir Al-Musawi -- Northumbria University  2015
Tamas Cseh -- Budapest University of Technology and Economics  2015
Svetlana Korsakova -- Saratov State University  2015
Mojtaba Mansour Abadi -- Northumbria University  2014
Hatef Nouri -- Ozyegin University  2014
Joaquin Perez -- Northumbria University  2013


Speciality Optical Fibers
 +  anti-resonant fibers, hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers

Fiber-Optic Sensors
 +  detection of liquids, displacement measurement, fiber-optic gyroscope

Microwave Photonics
 +  5G systems, radio-over-fiber

Free-space Optics Systems
 +  diversity techniques, relay links, thermal and atmospheric turbulence

Visible Light Communications
 +  digital signal processing, optical camera communications, organic LEDs


Ongoing projects:

  • H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) project "VisIoN" (Visible light based Interoperability and Networking), https://www.vision-itn.eu.
  • COST Project CA16620 European Network for High Performance Integrated Microwave Photonics.
  • COST project MP1401 Advanced Fibre Laser and Coherent Source as Tools for Society, Manufacturing and Lifescience.
  • Combined Radio Frequency and Visible Light Bands for Device-to-Device communication (in cooperation with 5Gmobile (5GM) research lab), GACR grant 17-17538S.
  • High-speed optical source modules for data centers, (in cooperation with Argotech a.s.), Ministry of industry and trade project MPO TRIO FV40089
  • Analyzer of modal structure in optical components (in cooperation with PROFiber Networking CZ s.r.o.), Ministry of industry and trade project MPO TRIO FV10519.
  • Radio-optical transmission terminal for 5G networks, MPO grant TRIO FV30427.
  • High-precision fiber collimator arrays MPO grant TRIO FV30136.
  • TACR – Centre of competence TE02000202 Advanced sensors and sensor data processing methods (our team - leading Working Package 6), external academic participants from University of West Bohemia, Brno University of Technology and industrial participants from AZD Praha, Honeywell International s.r.o., SQS Fiber optics, LESIKAR, a.s. and Safibra.
  • MEMS sensors with optical scanning, TACR project TH03010205 with SQS Fiber optics, Honeywell International s.r.o. and VUT Brno.
  • Development of optical sensors and systems and microwave biomedical technologies, ČVUT projekt SGS17/182/OHK3/3T/13.

Selected finished projects:


  • Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom (Prof. Zabih Ghassemlooy)
  • University of Southampton United Kingdom (Dr. Radan Slavik)
  • Newcastle University United Kingdom (Dr. Paul Anthony Haigh)
  • Ecole Centrale Marseille, Institut Fresnel France (Dr. Ali Khalighi)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India (Prof. Manav R. Bhatnagar)
  • Universitat Politècnica de València Spain (Prof. Beatriz Ortega)
  • RWTH Aachen Germany (Prof. Vladimir Blazek)
  • Institut of Photonics and Electronics, The Czech Academy of Sciences Czech Republic
  • SQS Fiber Optics a.s.
  • PROFiber Networking s.r.o.
  • RFspin, s.r.o.
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Honeywell International s.r.o.
  • NETWORK GROUP, s.r.o.
  • Czech Metrology Institute





Last update: 09-10-2019