Various topics from antenna theory, numeric methods in EM field etc.

Contact: Čapek Miloslav – miloslav.capek(z)

The supervisor offers more project topics listed on
You can suggest your own topic if it is close to those listed.

Examples of topics:

  • New method for tracking the characteristic modes
  • Antenna shape synthesis without a priory knowledge of the feeding
  • Study of fractal dimension
  • Adaptive solver for characteristic mode decomposition
  • Spectral analysis with respect to the radiator’s shape
  • Algebraic representation of antenna parameters
  • Antenna synthesis based on modal methods – Case study
  • Modal formulation of port input impedance
  • Stored electromagnetic energy for scatterers
  • Electromagnetic problems solved by utilization of GPU/HPC in Matlab
  • Circuits for determination of the fractal measure
  • Design of superbackscattering arrays
  • Optimization of radiation body by adding slots and feeders
  • Quality factor minimization of PEC plate using pixelling
  • Analysis of quadrifilar helix using characteristic modes decomposition
  • Gmesh usage for electrically small antenna design.