Spiral antenna for EMC measurement

Contact: Mazánek Miloš – mazanekm(z)fel.cvut.cz

Design the spiral antenna for the frequency band 30 MHz – 1 GHz (feeding included) for EMC radiative interferences measurement.

It is necessary to design the antenna structure with respect to the smallest dimensions. Specific properties of antenna of the spiral structure and all the parasitic influences, e.g. the influence on the antenna edge, changes of the polarization in different direction of radiation (represented on Poincare´s polarization sphere), influences of surrounding reflections etc. must be included. VSWR < 2, AR (axial ratio) < 3dB. Mechanical design must be also included as well as the manufacturing possibilities. Arrange the measurement of the antenna basic parameters and EMC testing measurement of shielding efficiency of EMC chamber. Project will be solved by CST Studio (frequency or time domain solver).