Planar reflector antenna

Contact: Mazánek Miloš – mazanekm(z)

The theoretical studies will concentrate towards frequency selective surfaces (FSS).

The study of the theory of FSS will be continued by the design of the reflector antenna (linearly and circularly polarized versions) with planar reflector (reflectarray) for the frequency band 10 GHz (illumination = feeder and feeding network included). Normalized gain, radiation pattern (shape of the 2D reflector), bandwith etc. for linear as well as circularly polarized case will be studied. Normalization factor is given by dimension of the reflector. Study of the parasitic influences, e.g. the influence on the reflector edges, polarization properties etc. (VSWR < 1,2 , AR (axial ratio for circularly polarized version) < 3dB., gain 30 dB,) and mechanical design, as well as the manufacturing possibilities will be also included followed by the measurement of the antenna basic parameters.