Farewell party – Mobility projects within the Optical team

Finally, after a long time, the Optical team did meet again in full force. The purpose was to enjoy the last moments with Dong and Dmytro, where both are leaving CTU very soon.

Dong Nhat Nguyen has been a part of the team for the last 3 years, working under the Mobility project in the field of radio-over-fiber systems and microwave photonics, having published 9 journal papers (and 3 more now under review) and plenty of conference papers.

Dmytro Suslov, on the other hand, will now start his Mobility stay at the University of Southampton, where he will become a member of the world-leading team in hollow-core optical fibers. For one year, he will work there and enrich his professional skills. And he will apply the results of his Ph.D. research where he has achieved a world-record low-loss interconnection between standard and hollow-core optical fibers.

Both Dong and Dmytro remain our team members even now working remotely on our project and research tasks 😉