Antennas, EMC & EM Field Simulation

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We are focused on the design and development of a broad range of antenna and antenna array types for various purposes: wire, microstrip, fractal, horn, spiral, RFID, UWB antennas, special feeders with reflector systems. The modern development of antennas and microwave circuits is not possible to perform without sophisticated design tools like EM field simulators. We use IE3D, AWR Microwave Office, CST Microwave Studio and FEKO. However, instead of dealing with commercial simulators only, we have developed many codes in MATLAB for working with characteristic modes, orthogonal methods, stored energies in EM field and antenna's Q-factor. Antenna prototypes are manufactured either by ourselves or by third parties. We own photo-etching technology lab, antenna anechoic chamber with standard measurement equipment (NSA) for the frequency range 100 MHz – 40 GHz and in selected frequency bands up to 110 GHz. In the field of EMC, we are specialized in shielding efficiency of anechoic chambers, especially, "small" chambers (with the size lower than 2 m). Our other activity is electromagnetic immunity measurement. We built a low-frequency anechoic chamber with ferrite absorbers for the frequency range 50 MHz – 1 GHz. The team is also involved in research and development of RFID sensors and microwave radiometry.

Department of Electromagnetic Field, FEE, Czech Technical University in Prague
Technická 2, 166 27 Prague, Czech Republic
Prof. Miloš Mazánek,, +420 224 352 282




• coordination of research activities of the team
• radiometry


• antenna theory
• electrically small antennas
• characteristic modes and Q-factor
• feeds for reflector antennas


• chipless RFID transponders
• wearable, low-profile UHF RFID antennas
• electrically small, multiband planar antennas
• artificial EM materials


• electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
• design and precise measurement of antennas and

microwave components


• antennas operating in close vicinity of human body
• senzors
• special planar antennas


• electromagnetic field theory
• electrically small antennas
• characteristic modes, energy and Q-factor
• codes in MATLAB (optimizers, MoM)


• precise antenna, EMC and microwave
• hygienic computation of electromagnetic field
• codes in Delphi

Zdeněk Hradecký

• extremelly wideband antennas
• EMC and microwave measurement


• antenna and RCS measurement
• UWB communication
• microwave radar detection


• electromagnetic field theory
• antenna arrays
• wireless power transfer


• modelling of planar passive components
• periodic structures
• metamaterials
• electromagnetic field theory


• theory and design of antenna arrays


• chipless RFID




Petr Černý
• emissive spectroscopy FTMW in microwave frequency band
• CW radar sensor with DS-SS modulation
• UWBN systems

Rastislav Galuščák
radiators for reflector systems namely for EME (Earth-
Moon-Earth) communication

Petr Piksa
• wideband and lens antennas
• design and optimisation of planar microwave circuits
• measurement in milimeter wave frequency band
• microwave spectroscopy

Alois Holub
• planar antennas and design in specialised software



Antennas and sensors

MATLAB algorithm for modeling and optimization of antennas

Antenna measurements and EMC



The antenna is a key element of the wireless communication chain serving as a transformer between guided and radiated waves. Simply, the antenna is a special space-frequency filter necessary for efficient wireless transfer of electromagnetic energy. Immunity against unwanted electromagnetic interference is an important aspect of this transfer. In lower frequency bands, a similar role plays inductive or capacitive elements, i.e., coils or electrodes, which are used, e.g., for wireless power transfer.



  • Antenna Arrays with Quantized Controlling | GA20-02046S
  • Research and Development of a New Generation of Self-supporting Coil Making Machine | FV30091
  • Analysis of Uncertainties by TEMPEST Measurement for NÚKIB Facility | NÚKIB 201704
  • Wireless Sensing of Physical Quantities in Complex Environment | GA17-02760S
  • Complex Electromagnetic Structures and Nanostructures | GA17-00607S
  • Remote Sensing of Small Scatterers by Electromagnetic Waves | GA15-08803S
  • Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics | IC1301 WiPE | national project: Structures and Circuits for Wireless Power Transmission | LD14122
  • Research of Artificial Electromagnetic Materials and Metamaterials With Applied Numerical and Imaging Methods | GA13-09086S
  • Analysis and Multicriteria Optimization of Compact Radiating Structures Based on Modal Decomposition | GAP102/12/2223
  • Electromagnetic Properties of Radiant Structures and Artificial Shielding Surfaces Near the Human Body | GPP102/12/P863
  • Versatile, Integrated, and Signal-aware Technologies for Antennas | IC1102 VISTA | national project: Advanced Modelling and Technologies for Antennas and Sensors | LD12055 AMTAS
  • Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe | CARE
  • Investigation of Metamaterials and Microwave Structures With the Help of Noise Spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance | GA102/09/0314
  • Influence of Physical Layer and Transmission Environment on UWB Communication and Systems | GP102/09/P536
  • RF/Microwave Communication Subsystems for Emerging Wireless Technologies | IC0803 RFCSET | national project: Novel Emerging Wireless Systems | OC09075 NEWS
  • Artificial Electromagnetic Structures for Miniaturization of High-frequency and Microwave Radiating and Circuit Elements | GA102/08/1282
  • Antenna Systems & Sensors for Information Society Technologies | IC0603 ASSIST) | national project: Antenna Systems And Sensors With Special Properties | OC08018
  • Modelling and Simulation of Fields | GD102/08/H018
  • Metamaterials, Nanostructures and Their Applications | GA102/06/1106
  • Development of Technology for Measuring Small Shielding Boxes | ST20062006010
  • Antenna Centre of Excelence | ACE
  • Center for Quasi-optical Systems and Terahertz Spectroscopy | LC06071 KVASTES